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Thank you for visiting Sam Finnimore's website – we hope you enjoy your experience with us. By browsing and purchasing items from this website you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site as set out below. We therefore recommend that you read through these and contact us if you have any concerns regarding its content. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions use of our website is not permitted.

1. Scope Fees.

1.1. Scope fees are put into place to protect both the artist and the customer. The scope fee acts as a deposit by the customer and is to be paid in full before work by the artist begins.

1.2. Scope fees are non refundable once work has begun, however, if you change your mind about any artwork before the start date, a 75% refund will be paid to the customer. (25% to cover time and materials already purchased).

1.2a. Prices vary depending on size and type of work.

1.2b. The fee applied covers the artist incase of non payment or no show by the customer.

1.2c. The scope fee applied to each applicable aspect is used as pre work insurance. This payment is used by the artist for any necessary research and materials which may be needed for the project e.g. larger project, larger materials budget.

1.3. Scope fees are non deductible from the final price of any work, and will be added on top of the estimated price in both the estimates and final invoices. For further information on scope fees please get in touch via the contact page.

2. Drawings.

2.1. Scope fees are applied to original drawings, and prices can be found on the pricing page.

2.2. Original drawings can be commissioned in both colour and black and white.

2.3. Drawings may be subject to changes or "artistic licence" where necessary. The customer will be informed before any changes are made, and no additional work will be carried out without the customer being notified.

2.4. Drawings can be used by the artist for non profit reasons without discussion with the client; examples include the use of promotions and portfolios.

2.4a. The artist is free to create prints for sale, unless otherwise discussed with the client.

2.4b. The customer will receive no royalties if prints of original artwork are sold by the artist.

2.5. The customer reserves the right to sell on any original artwork which they have commissioned, purchased through the website or bought directly from the artist. 

2.5a. Any original artwork sold by the customer within two years of date purchased must pay a sell on fee of thirty-three percent (33%). Any sell-on clause expires on the day after, two years from sale date where the fee will be zero percent (0%).

2.6. The artist reserves the right to turn down any brief for whatever reason.

2.6a. Briefs including the drawing of animals, landscapes and children under the age of two, will automatically be turned down (unless previously discussed).

2.7.  Please head to the pricing section of the terms and conditions page for information on framing and postage and packaging.

3. Murals.

3.1. Scope fees are applied to Murals, and prices can be found on the pricing page.

3.1a. The scope fees for Murals are significantly higher than for other artwork. This is to cover the cost of any research, concept drawings/ art, set up fees, stencils and wall prep.

3.2. Prices for Murals may vary depending on any extra charges that may occur, or if the design for the mural is specifically detailed and overly time consuming.

3.2a.  Additional fees will be discussed with the customer before quotations are given.

3.2b.  The price for murals are set fees which can be found on the pricing page, these fees are starter fees only and are non negotiable; prices may rise on a job by job basis. Artwork is priced on a "meter squared" formula, which sees the entire wall/ area measured to the nearest half meter.

3.2c. Prices on this website do not cover the cost of materials. Materials are additional and can either be purchased independently or through the artist.

3.3. Due to some murals being created in active working environments, it may be beneficial for all parties if work is to be carried out out of hours. This can be requested or discussed at the enquiries stage, however an additional "out of hours" fee may be added to the quote.

3.4. Defacing. If the Mural is defaced once completed, this then becomes the concern of the customer, an hourly call out fee of £25 will be charged for any fixing of defaced work, carried out by the artist himself.

3.4a. The customer may cover the mural at their own cost at any time without charge.

4. Logos.

4.1. Scope fees are applied to logos, and prices can be found on the pricing page.

4.2. The prices for logos are a set fee and are non negotiable. There are four available logo types, each has their own price.

4.2a. If more than one design is required, the set price is per logo. Any further revisions to logos once completed are charged at a set fee and added to the final invoice, including adjustments to design and colour.

4.3. Logos can be used by the designer for non profit examples including advertisements and portfolios.

4.3a. The designer will not use any logo for further profitable gain that is not pre discussed with the customer, and the rights to the logo will be transferred to the customer once payment is received in full.

4.3b. The customer may use the logo as and when they wish with no additional charges being applied, as long as all fees are paid in full.

5. Business Cards.

5.1. Scope fees are applied to business cards, and prices can be found on the pricing page.

5.2. Business cards can be created as a single or double side design.

5.3. Business cards can include the customers current logo if they have one, if they request to have one created, prices can be found in the logo section of the price guide for an additional fee. No additional charges will be applied if a customers logo is pre designed and sent in the correct format.

5.4. Card designs are completed and sent to the customer with a watermark to be proofed, any further revisions after the final print will incur extra revisions fees.

5.5. The cost of the cards on the pricing page do not include printing and postage. This can be done by the customer themselves or can be done by the artist at no extra cost other than the printing and postage fees. 

6. Websites.

6.1Scope fees are applied to websites, and prices can be found on the pricing page.

6.2. Websites are created by the artist, input and ideas can be put forward by the customer before work has begun. Any changes during design may incur further fees for time (£20 per hour extra for changes).

6.3.  For certain projects, additional software that is not used in house may need to be purchased, these fees will be added to the customer bill; additions will not be purchased without first being discussed with the customer.

6.3a. There are additional fees for the transferring of domains (applied to quote).

6.3b. There are significant fees for online stores that include business taxes and store fees (estimates applied to quote).

6.3c. Any revisions to the website, store, or online profiles once the website has been signed off will incur further charges. Charges may be applied for items such as; photo/ image uploads, store changes, text changes, technical changes.

6.4. The artist may send samples to the customer containing a watermark, if there are any queries about design from the artist' end, screenshots or short videos will be forwarded to the customer to proof check.

6.5. Images and videos of websites may be kept for portfolio purposes and non profit.

7. Prints.

7.1.  Prints are set prices and can be found on the store page, if you would like to request a print of some artwork that cannot be found on the store, feel free to get in touch with the team through the contacts page.

7.2. Prints are sent either boxed or rolled depending on size, and do not come framed.

7.3. All prints come with an originality stamp, but are not hand signed, dated or named.

7.3a. Only limited and special edition prints come hand signed and numbered.

8. Pricing.

8.1. If you are interested in commissioning any artwork from Sam Finnimore then get in touch via the contacts page or directly through email with your brief and any images you have.

8.1a. Information to include in your brief which will help with estimates include, images, size, orientation, and colour options. These factors will be taken into account when estimating for quotes.

8.1b. Commissions are priced on time, so any further changes will be subject to additional costs.

8.1c. Scope fees must be paid in full before any work is to begin, and the final price of the artwork is to be paid in full on completion. Work will not be delivered until full payment is received.

8.2. The customer has five (5) days upon completion of Mural artwork to pay all invoices in full, after this, the artist reserves the right to cover any relevant artwork. Further action may be investigated and taken further if needed.

8.3. Framing: Original artwork from sizes A4 to A3 come unframed and are sealed and packed in a secure box. Artwork in sizes A2, A1 and A0 are framed by an external framing company. This option is non negotiable and prices are included in the quote.

8.3a. Prints come unframed in all sizes, and are sealed and packed in a secure box or roll (size dependant).

8.3b. Postage. A4, A3 and A2 drawings are posted in secure, waterproof packaging by first class tracked post once payment is received in full. No extra charges are applied for postage of original artwork.

8.3c. A1 and A0 sized artwork is hand deliver by the artist and/ or their team, no extra fee is charged on works being delivered within a one hundred and seventy five (175) mile radius of Exeter, England (UK only). Other charges may be applied to areas outside of this radius.

8.3d. International postage costs significantly more and may require the artist to travel abroad, travel fees and taxes are to be paid by the customer and prices will be identified in the original quote.

8.3e. Postage times of original artwork is subject to change, on completion of drawing and framing, the customer will be notified about postage and delivery of their artwork. Framing may take up to two weeks to make, fit and be proofed by the artist.

9. Original Artwork Guarantee.

9.1. When buying any work from Sam Finnimore, or any other legitimate seller, artwork is signed, dated, numbered and comes with an authentication certificate. Any artwork purchased without these documents have no association with Sam Finnimore. All work purchased from Sam Finnimore or on is guaranteed original handmade artwork by Sam Finnimore, unless otherwise stated or credited.

10. Website Use.

10.1. When registering as a customer and logging in you must ensure that all the information you provide is true and accurate and as complete as possible. You agree not to use a false name or register as someone else without that person’s prior knowledge and permission.

Please contact us if any of your personal data changes.

11. Copyright.

11.1. All content (text and images) on is the property of Sam Finnimore. Permission is granted to reproduce text found on for personal and educational use only, images are granted permission for use for educational purposes only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited. Any infringement of these rights will be investigated.

11.2. All artwork created or found on this website should be properly accredited to Sam Finnimore. Any copies, reproductions, or forged documents for profitable gain or breaking any copyrighting found in this document will be subject to investigation.

12. Discounts / Gift Vouchers.

12.1. No discount of any kind (friend, family, student, teaching, NHS) are currently applicable to any artwork from, any requests for discounts will be swiftly denied, and are likely to be met with sarcasm (the artist reserves this right).

12.1. Discounts cards are provided to customers who have bought original artwork, and details can be found in the Loyalty Scheme section below.

13. Loyalty Scheme.

13.1. Loyalty Scheme cards accompany the authenticity certificate with original artwork. These cards allow returning customers of original work a discount of up to ten percent (10%).

13.2. Loyalty cards are only applicable to the named purchaser of the previous artwork and is non transferable. The loyalty card may be used if the holder is purchasing artwork for somebody else, with the requirement that they are once again the purchasing customer.

13.3. Loyalty cards can only be redeemed once, and are only applicable to original artwork. Loyalty cards cannot be used in association with any prints, merchandise or graphic design work.

All items, prices and information on this website are correct and accurate as of the 1st of January 2021. The artist reserves the right to deny any project or brief, change, modify or withdraw any information, images or merchandise on this site without reason and prior warning.