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Welcome to the projects page. Feel free to scroll through and view the most recent work we have to share and head over to the instagram page for regular progress updates.

For enquiries about illustrations and commissions, please head over to the contact page or email


"something that is considered to be a perfect or typical example of a particular kind of person or thing, because it has all their most important characteristics"


For the upcoming series we intend to create 15 drawings of the archetypal athlete, three sportsmen and women from five different sports without drawing any body features or facial expressions to define them. Instead, we use items of clothing and objects to express both motion and emotion, whilst still keeping the characteristics to make them identifiable.

Before deciding which sports and who to draw, we came up with some digital drawings to get an idea for who might be ideal candidates for the project. This page features a few mock designs, digital drawings and sketches for what's to come, to keep up to date with the drawings and behind the scenes in the studio head over to @samfinnimore on instagram.

Lewis Hamilton.jpg
Jack Nowell.jpg

In addition to the 15 exhibited artworks we intend to complete two special edition drawings of Exeter City FC's Adam Stansfield and Exeter Chiefs RFC's Jack Nowell, to donate so they can be auctioned for their respective club charities.

The Kobe Bryant drawings below show the entire drawing and thought process. By starting with a digitally sketched outline, to adding in colour, shading and detail, we then use the mock drawings to get an idea for how the drawing will eventual turn out. 

Guitar Aid UK

Over the past 12 months we have been working with international charity Guitar Aid UK and owner Dave Sumner, to supply them with large scale artwork of their custom made guitars which they donate and sell globally.

Three drawings in total are intended to be completed, each of which feature some of the best guitars created by Guitar Aid UK. Currently only one of the three drawings are completed, a green, wood finished Fender Stratocaster. 

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