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Born in Exeter, England, in 1996, Sam began to show signs of creativity from a very early age. An age where admiration was drawn to artists such as Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. For many years, art took a back seat in place of other ventures, until 2012 where a creative dream was rejuvenated.

From 2012 to 2015, Sam attended Exeter College, and left with an A Level in Fine Art, and a Diploma in Design. This, along with new influences and an inspired look into the creative industry, meant Sam was accepted into The University for the Creative Arts. The three years that followed opened new doors and opportunities, which concluded with a Bachelors Degree (HONS) in Illustration from UCA Farnham. Being surrounded by the best designers, photographers and creatives that the class of 2018 had to offer, Sam began to push his creative limit, working on large scale drawings of realistic architectural structures.

Sam works on a number of self-initiated and commissioned projects each year, specialising in monochrome and coloured pencil drawings. The most recent series, commissions and collaborations can be found on the "Projects" page, or you can keep up to date on instagram.

We are excited to share the upcoming series will be named Archetype, and feature drawings of some of the most famous athletes in the world.

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